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02 August 2022 04:58:24  

Did you get it working by now? Sorry I didn't reply sooner.

03 July 2022 16:26:47  

You mean for the draggable blocks?

(also the google drive is not visible)

non-directional turbo/turbo2 blocks 15 June 2022 21:13:51  

My idea is a turbo block that works in all directions, along with an antibooster of the same nature. I am requesting for this to be made for Trackmania2 Stadium/Maniaplanet, as my laptop won't run TM2020. There is already an item of this nature made for TM2020, which can be found here: https://item.exchange/item/view/41828. If this is possible, could this block be made for Maniaplanet? I don't even have blender.

13 May 2022 23:01:36  

A long time ago? It looks like you uploaded it 8 days ago. Do you still want it removed?

13 May 2022 22:56:41  

The underlying bug should hopefully be fixed now!

03 May 2022 18:31:21  

the name of the set is "Evolutive"

Bugs, can't remove set 03 May 2022 18:30:59  

Hello, I uploaded 1 pack a long time ago, It Looks like, i can't remove it. I know the set had some name issues.

You can do it yourself if it's possible

Once, it's done, i will try to upload a new version of the pack, maybe it will work.

Thanks Aurel

Thank you, it's back 02 May 2022 15:34:05  

Thank you eyebo, the home page is back to normal !

01 May 2022 16:42:40  

Probably you've edited this as a custom block. You can't edit the clips of a custom block.

Try converting the block to an item, then these clips will be converted to regular geometry that you can edit.

You can convert a block to an item by selecting the item menu first.

01 May 2022 16:39:26  

Yes, this is a recurring bug that has to do with sets with multiple images. Sometimes both images in the set end up with the same position in our database.

We can fix it manually each time, but sometimes some hours go by before we can fix it, due to devs being asleep or busy with other tasks.

Ultimately the underlying bug hasn't been fixed yet. We would love to know how to reproduce this one so we can fix it.

Thanks for your reports.