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About ItemExchange

ItemExchange is a database for 3D modelled items and blocks for the games Trackmania and Maniaplanet (Trackmania² and Shootmania). You can upload, share, rate, comment on and download items and item sets. Additionally, social features like personal messaging, notifications and a forum are enabled to allow for community interaction.

ItemExchange is part of the ManiaExchange network.


ItemExchange, or ManiaExchange, is not affiliated with Ubisoft and NADEO.

Framework Microsoft ASP.NET
Web Framework MVC 3
Browser Framework JQuery
Language C#
Database SQL Server 2008 R2
Data Access Layer (DAL) Ozon, MX-CMS Light (Custom)
Design & Theme Ozon, customized Twitter Bootstrap & FontAwesome
GameBox File Parsing Solux, ManiaPlanetSharp (available as Open Source soon)
Terms and Conditions
For all sites in the ManiaExchange network, the same Terms and Conditions and privacy policies apply.