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 Unexpected Runtime Error
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Unexpected Runtime Error  


Since today, when i open item.exchange the site sow me an error : "Unexpected Runtime Error". (It's only on the menu) I can load blocks and random sets but the sets section doesn't load.

Trackmania Exchange works however.

Can you help me ?

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Same here  

Same for me. I connect successfully, and everything seems to work except the "set search" page : https://item.mania.exchange/setsearch

Edit : This certainly come from stadium2020 item sets since I can filter in the "set search" all collections except the stadium2020

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Yes, this is a recurring bug that has to do with sets with multiple images. Sometimes both images in the set end up with the same position in our database.

We can fix it manually each time, but sometimes some hours go by before we can fix it, due to devs being asleep or busy with other tasks.

Ultimately the underlying bug hasn't been fixed yet. We would love to know how to reproduce this one so we can fix it.

Thanks for your reports.

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Thank you, it's back  

Thank you eyebo, the home page is back to normal !


The underlying bug should hopefully be fixed now!

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v vlog  

If you are receiving an error message that says that there was an error while you were trying to access item.exchange, it's possible that there was a temporary issue with the website or its servers. Try cleaning your cache and cookies on your computer and trying a different browser to see if the problem persists. If problems persist, you can try contacting the website's support team for more help.