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 How to use the Feedback forum
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How to use the Feedback forum 03 June 2020 00:06:03  

Use this forum if you...

  • found a problem / bug on IX.
  • have a suggestion / idea for IX.
  • want to voice an opinion related to IX / its moderators.

All other posts (general site discussions, game bugs, etc.) do not belong here. Please post them in their respective forum. Please use the mania-exchange forum for any MX related topics.

Please format your title similar to one of these:

  • [BUG] Title describing the bug
  • [SUGGESTION] Feature request or general suggestion briefly explained
  • [FEEDBACK] Title describing what the feedback is aimed towards

You can also join the official MX discord server to give feedback and report anything unusual!

That will help the organization. Thanks!

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