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Canyon Essential Items (Pre-sorted)

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This set includes many new items from myself, in addition to items from   xrayjay, Larentz, React,   luk-t-obk, RD, 505Smurf, Dag@bert,   sorrow, TGYoshi, -GeP-, florenzius, and   Trackmaniadude. Thanks to all those guys for making such great items over the years!

A big thanks to my beta testers and those who provided ideas for the set! Larentz, Racho,    Mekh, Butifarra, Nordplay,   DdariQ, Poco, Kousseau, and Zengo. Hmm... I'm probably forgetting some people.

The set is pre-sorted, which means everything is neatly organized into folders that make the most sense. The folder structure on IX currently doesn't show how the subfolders organize everything very neatly. My goal with this set was to make a set that mappers new to using items could easily download and have everything easily sorted, just like you have in the default block menu.

Here are the main folders:

This set contains only items. There is another set for custom blocks, and one for clip only blocks. I recommend downloading both of those sets as well. In fact some items in this set require the use of clip only blocks if you want to use them cleanly.

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