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Start Platform Transition Slope Dirt Grass Loop Bump

One tip when working with these :

Always put down a vanilla block first , then use these blocks next to it. That way you can always build back to 'the grid' (hope that makes sense lol)

And again i kept these as simple as possible and so they are a bit scuffed 'as is' This to ensure : Low embed space Low chance of landbugs Low effort for me

It's a win-win rly

I made some wide-variants , they are in their own folder and i put the the transition block (from normal to wide) as the first block in those folders

Includes clips (in two variants) for all items

Pretty much all of these are colorable

Oh ye fyi , idk the official names of these blocks , which is why i nicknamed these to 'rally bump' and 'rally ditch' respectively ...

Also , also : I made all these blocks to fit in neatly to the vanilla deco blocks ; the loops and loop entrances however do not fit (for obvious euclidian reasons , i'll spare you the nerdy details kek)

And another tid bit that some of you may find of interest :The bump and ditch variants are basically the same shape but inverted/mirrored. This saved me a lot of time when making some of them.

Have fun mapping with these , am looking forward to check your greations


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