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Platform Transition Dirt Grass Bump Ice Plastic

Way Too Many Transitions

really, it's more than 4k items and this is just version 1

Me with huge help from    thechraz have been working on it for quite sometime. The goal of this set is to have transitions for pretty much any possible scenario during mapping.

How to install

  1. Download the set
  2. Move to Document/Trackmania/Items
  3. Extract it with Right click -> Extract all -> Extract

Key points

  1. Smooth shape
  2. No shadow bugs
  3. Stackable geometry (means you can make it wider by placing Up+Down variants of the same block next to each other)
  4. Correct UV projection
  5. Black road/Track walls which fits the shape of other items
  6. Predictable sorting of items and folders

Version 1

Version 1 contains 5 platform materials and black road for them. It include straight, chicane and turn shapes with flat, half banked and banked start/end shapes. Each item has several Up/Down variants and 6(5 for turns) size variants.


Pay attention to folder/item names. It may take a bit of time to get used to it.


  • PT - PlatformTech, PD -> PlatformDirt ans so on
  • HB - HalfBanked, B - Banked e.g. HBRight -> HalfBanked with right tilt
  • Str - Straight, Chi - Chicane, Tur - Turn

Name template:

Ordeer_Material_Middle Shape_Start shape_End shape_Vertical shift_Horizontal shift_Size.Item.gbx

Folder structure: folder structure has the next patternt

--different middle and start shapes
---different end shapes
----different end elevations and directions
-----different sizes

Example of folder structure: N_PT/WW_PT_Straight_FlatStart/V_PT_Str_Flat_HBRight/W_PT_Str_Flat_HBRight_Up2_Center/R_PT_Str_Flat_HBRight_Up2_Center_Size6.Item.gbx

Few examples:

  • N_PT -> Platform Tech material, all platform tech items inside
  • WW_PT_Straight_FlatStart -> PT items with middle shape Straight and Flat start
  • W_PT_Str_Flat_HBRight_Up2_Center -> PT items Straight is the middle, Flat start and HBRight end, grows Up 2 steps and stays in the center


This set will be updated with more and more transitions. A lot of possible road transitions already in the pipeline as well as transitions to/from wallrides, U shapes, half pipes and so on

Huge thanks to everyone who helped with testing this set!

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