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TMGL Spring 2022

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  Ubisoft Nadeo
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13 May 2022 20:59:50 (13 May 2022 20:59:50)
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Platform Barrier Road Deco Ring Sign Pillar

These are the items used in the TMGL Spring 2022 maps. The items were created by htimh.

It's 60 items, the mod + an Ambience clip that's needed for the buildings to make them look good (mostly for subtle fog).

Place the items in this folder: Documents\Trackmania\Items\TMGL_Spring22

Buildings item (TMGLSpring22_BG.item) require the new Lightmap priority plug-in.

Reason for this being that the lightmap for the buildings can be large because it's a big item (as in, scale).

The idea is that you put the lightmap quality to -3 on only the buildings item, and +3 on the track itself. This means that compared to the track, the buildings will only use a small portion of the whole map's lightmap. You'll see lighting artefacts when you didn't set this up correctly. You can just work on the map and place the buildings as a last step before you do shadow calc. + validation.

How to place the Buildings item

  • First, set the lightmap quality of the whole map to +3 using the Copy/Paste & Selection tool.
  • Second, now set the lightmap priority to -3 for the next item. Now place the buildings item by picking a corner on the stadium.

Ambience Clip Put the a_tmgl2022.clip file in Documents\Trackmania\Replays\Clips, restart game if open, go to the menu with Mediatracker, choose Ambience, load in the clip using the button on the bottom left. It's only a subtle fog and tonemapper, feel free to remove the tonemapper if it's too bright, but keep the subtle fog.

The reason for the clip is to put the buildings in subtle fog, giving the illusion of depth.

This clip works with both Daytime & Sunrise moods.

Item colours Some items that use plastic (balloons, gazebo) make use of the Colorize tool; same way you colorize roads, pillars etc.. Default on these items is the specific pink that TMGL Spring uses. Combine it with the White colour and you have the official TMGL Spring colour scheme! Balloons are optimized compared to earlier TMGLs so please use the new ones instead.

You can find more information about the Trackmania Grand League here.

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