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DirtHill v2 !

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01 August 2020 14:12:37 (03 August 2020 17:27:49)
Release Status:
Stadium 2020  
3657 KB
Start Finish Checkpoint Tunnel Dirt Extension UnderGround

V2 is here dll it again for a few changes

Hello Item exchange here is my set of blocs i am working since Day 1 of Trackmania 2020.

This blocs are some sort of terraformed dirt hill. I wanted to do blocs that seems to be like a real environnement so u can easily create a big Hill and integrate this items in it.

I have done a set of Tunnel blocs with this Dirt Hill blocs that can be used too. They need to be placed with Nadeo lights to ensure lights in the tunnel cause i dont find any texture "light" in the set of nadeo. Blocs have kinda a black mark to place lights correctly. Make sure u do it well cause if not it will all be dark.

USE 11-5-1 nadeo bloc for the lights in tunnel

Not sure to be able to transform everything into a Green Hill with concrete. Maybe with some time one day ^^

Please leave a comment and report ALL beugs you find if i can modify etc etc.

Beug corrected: DLL v2

DH-UpStraight1x5 AND DH-Turn1x1Tunnel was doing Checkpoint without checkpoint in it dont know why.. DO NOT USE IT in V1 or it will be a not validable map. (Ok in V2)

DH-RHUPL2 not finished block (OK in V2)

DH-Start2 Mirror problem. (OK in V2)

DH-Check 2 was in wrong side respawn (ok in V2)

Beugs Reports from v2: (don't use them yet so)

DH-Inclinaturn1 is a not finished bloc (for the moment)

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