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Dirt Hill Massive Extension

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05 September 2020 12:20:13 (05 September 2020 15:08:37)
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Stadium 2020  
5144 KB
Turbo Multilap Tunnel Road Dirt Loop U Intersection

Hello guys :)

Proud to present to all my new Extension of the Dirt Hill pack (Dirt Hill first pack and adds are needed)

Here is a new extension of 163 blocs using more than 300 Hours of work... So if u enjoy please leave a like or a comment its not that much its free and it encourage me to continue to use ton of time to work on these.

This pack include a Dirt Hill Canyon pack that is basicly nearly the same of DH but with Hill in the two sides of the road.

This pack include a Dirt Hill Canyon 2 pack that is nearly same of version 1 but really on another level than the normal Dirt Hill pack. I include some "Crossways" pack in this one it have blocs with crossroads tunnels multiple ways etc etc

This pack include a Dirt Hill Pipe pack that aloud a new kind of vision driving into a terraformed mountain but fullspeed.

This pack include a big extension for Dirt Hill starter pack that include a lot of new bloc,s a looping, all the roadspecial, boosts, reactor, etc etc. I have had some blocs that they were missing from DH starter pack. I added some BIG blocs using my inspiration and some of TMUF inspiration. Please if u download THIS pack redll the others pack i updated them.

Dirt Hill Final Version:


Dirt Hill-Addblocs:

I make the positionnement good for this pack as for the others ;).

I repeat, this work have nearly no recognition. so please leave at least a like or a comment. For me and the others author that you use the pack to map. It takes 3 secondes to click on it.

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